Rest in Peace Gregg Allman

Can you imagine a life without music? I cannot.

There are certain singers who sing to my heart. Cindy Cruse-Radcliff of the Lakewood Church worship band is one of them. Gregg Allman is another.

Today, on the day of Gregg Allman’s passing, I have spent a lot of time reflecting the days of my life. His album Laid Back has been with me during 44 of those years.

There are two albums I brought with me from high school through to today. Yes, there are songs I love and dance to from the time I was five years of age, but there were two albums that basically followed me. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John was one of those albums and Laid Back by Gregg Allman was the other. Both were released in 1973, my freshman year of high school and they have been steady companions ever since.

I know this kind of a story is true for all of us, so today and every day enjoy every bit of music you can take in and thank God and Jesus for, and pay tribute to, those who have one the most important jobs on the planet … making music, the cure for everything.

Oh, and on a personal note, a few days ago I connected with a man who I attended 7th and 8th grade with and all of high school, though neither of us recall one time we actually met. Very odd, wouldn’t you say? God works is such funny and ironic ways, so to have this connection take place around Gregg Allman’s death is pretty huge for me. More of God’s work being done right before my very eyes.

Rest in Peace, Gregg Allman. You ARE a force and your music will live on forever.



  1. Lisa Lea

    Beautifully stated Janet. Music shapes our lives and helps define who we are. Thank you Gregg for all the beautiful music that you created over the years. RIP and God bless you 😇🕆

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  3. Jo deltufo

    Of course I didn’t listen to his music although I heard it throughout the house. I’m sorry for your lose and for many other f ans of his. My question …. was he married to Sher at one time.
    Anyway, Rest In Peace Gregg Allman

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  4. Dona Celfo Remensnyder

    Thanks Janet, this is a great post and it was so good for me today. U are so right about music 🎶 it has a way of making u travel thru time, it brings back memories of both the best and the worst of times. The best thing tho, is that U can choose the memories by just putting on the music. I often travel in time just that way. AND dancing has ALWAYS been my passion. Reading this and listening once again to Gregg really got me up and the music went on, sometimes I let life’s junk get in the way of what I love, so I was reminded and I’m thankful. RIP Gregg and God Bless Janet.

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