Out of the Ashes

Out of the ashes … comes the seat at the table

Wow is basically all I can say. The smell of the ashes is still upon me, but ramping up to the Lenten season, I totally get what Out of the Ashes really means.

JanetDelTufo.com is my street blog, where I have found a seat at the table for the Our Lord, Father God, Jesus Christ. All this time, I was thinking I needed to find someone more powerful than me to influence into submission, you know, be the middle guy between the Lord and His subject. But I learned just through these past 14 days that no, I am the one who is supposed to be filling those shoes as His subject. I am the representative in that seat at that table.

And let me again say that as I write this, I am still on fire. My ashes are still smoldering, but I have seen the light.

For those wanting just a hint more at what I am saying, check out JanetDelTufo.com and look for a story under Publicity titled Out of the Mute Box.

The Journey Victorious is alive and well and not going anywhere. But my job is on the street and you will find me there most of the time.  I have wonderful friends who speak amazingly in tongues. I say my tongue language is “street. ”

Have a blessed day!