Jesus blesses the City of Houston

With a hug and a kiss, and a thank you for loving Him and praising Him through the storm.

Remember my August post “That Storm?” That post was not so much about the offending Hurricane Harvey, but the amazing people who praised God during the storm and about the multitudes of people who dropped everything in their lives to get out there and help rescue residents and their pets.

“The silver lining to Harvey is how God has already been witnessed. I heard God mentioned by name by humans on TV all last night (Wednesday, Aug. 30). How about the tireless Texas residents making rescues all day long for days on end? How about people who purchased boats just to go to the flooded areas to save lives? How about people allowing strangers to live in their houses? How about all the volunteers at shelters? How about the money and other needs that have already been donated?”

Vindication is declared

Harvey was the first in a string of systems unleashed to bring destruction and loss to those living all along Hurricane Alley. How the enemy loves to see destruction and loss. The enemy, however, did not get what it wanted in the Houston and surrounding areas. Yes, there was destruction and loss, even loss of precious God-Given life, but there was a praise for Jesus in the heart of these folks that I have never seen anywhere in all the years I have lived.

And because of that there has been VINDICATION for these wonderful people … through the Houston Astros.

Professional sport is a mixed bag of good and bad. But when it is really good, it is grand.

The Houston Astros became World Series Champions last night in Los Angeles, beating the Dodgers in historic game 7 by the score of 5-1, and in doing so are bringing home with them for all of Texas a light and a gift from Jesus to thank them for supporting Him and loving Him faithfully. This by the way is the first-ever world championship in the Astros’ 56-year history.

Thank you, Houston Astros, for your hard work and dedication. It is most definitely “Earned History.” You allowed Jesus a seat at the table on one of the world’s biggest stages. From me, personally, THANK YOU for the strong backs needed to provide Jesus with that seat. I know from personal experience, pushing through my own doors, it is not always easy to do.

She said, “Yes.”


Oh … and the best of luck to the couple who became engaged last night.

Houston Astros Carlos Correa proposed to beautiful Daniella Rodriguez after the game on live TV. To Carlos and Daniella, I pray your fantasy is blessed by Our Lord Jesus Christ. It was an awesome moment to witness. Pray together, first and foremost.




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