Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Ah …. I am willing to bet my house that there are a few hearts racing right now. And there should be.


Wolf in sheep’s clothing. That is what I was accused of being a few days ago by a hater person.


Now, I promised my readers that this blog would never be Facebook. It would never be Twitter. It would never be Instant Gratification Gram. No, this is not social media. This is a blog dedicated to winning through Jesus Christ and bringing Him the praise.


But since the hater person tried to post Satan propaganda on this blog, I thought it was fair that I address some of the information in the comment. Some of the information is not worthy of discussion because it focuses on twisted truth. There is no way I can address lies. But let’s discuss my personality.


Let’s start with the fact that I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I have a vile tongue. I want to first start with my vile tongue. I find it funny when people see the truth as vile. Everyone who knows me knows that I went through a major transformation over the past year and I was not treated in the way I should have been treated.


I am also a feisty woman, even as a daughter of God, a feisty woman who is going to shout out to the world when I am hurt and being run over. So, excuse my vile tongue. I was not talking to you anyway. One day when you are put in the position I was put in, you will know how I feel.


Now my very favorite: A wolf in sheep’s clothing. I love that title. Thank you. I am going to use that as I enter the warzone the Lord is getting ready to send me to. Yes, thank you. Because anyone who really knows me will say, “Ah yes, that Janet Delusional is not who you think she is.”


Yes, you are right. I am a wolf for the Lord and I am one of his sheep. Delusion, yes, that is a funny thing. It makes a person write hate mail to others in order to make oneself feel better about him or herself.


Verily I say unto you, and I will say to everyone reading, I am on the winning team because I let God direct my steps. If you do not like what God is doing in me or for me, that is your issue not mine.


Sending hate mail to those you have never met is not a smart thing to do. In the end, it only hurts you.


Have a blessed day, folks.



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