The Charmed Life

Hello and please welcome Skatergirl to The Journey Victorious family.

Let me tell you about her

Skatergirl was my alter ego for many years. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I am a former endurance inline skater, and I skated 10,000 miles in seven years while living at the Torrance Beach.

Torrance Beach on Google Maps

Today’s introduction to Skatergirl is going to loop back to Jesus Christ, because her launch late last week again into cyberspace is part of a tracking device pinpointing work Jesus is doing through me as I move forward in life.

But for now, let me tell you a little about the Skatergirl/Janet relationship. Last week we learned about my Homegirl/Janet relationship.

I was a serious inline skater. I was an endurance skater, and I would give my hockey player friends a run for their money when they would join me for my 10-mile workout. At the South Bay beaches, we had a great bike/skate/walking path. I skated during the weekdays and almost never on weekends because of the very large crowds.

The worst day on my skates did come on a Saturday. A friend was depressed, so I got on my skates at my beach and headed north to Hermosa Beach to pick her up. Once I got to her, we headed further north to Manhattan Beach. It was extremely crowded that day and I got into a dispute with a man and a woman who were on bikes. They wanted to pass. I told them there was no room to do so and with that, the male ran his bike into me to get me out of his way.

Fun stuff … the coward, my friend and I all crashed and landed on the ground on top of each other. Naturally, like any coward, who thinks he or she can hurt someone (or as Pastor John Gray would say: treat people any ol way) and get away with it, or commit a crime and run, the couple rode off before I could go find a police officer. It was not a pretty day to be sure.

The best day on my skates, however, was a night when one of my hockey player friends and I met in Hermosa Beach and skated with no one else to bother us, no wind, perfect temperature, a perfect friend and a perfect skate. Not sure how anything could be better than that, but God says my best days are still ahead of me.

Seriously hot stuff

Resting after a long hard skate

I was pretty hot stuff at that time. Well, I am still hot stuff, but that was a whole other life and a different hotness. I was walking a Jesus path, I was a full-time skater and I also was a reporter/columnist for every inline hockey magazine produced. I wrote a regular column in The Hockey News out of Canada, and I even wrote for a National Hockey League produced magazine that was distributed throughout a 16-country inline hockey tournament in Anaheim.

I collected pins from every country during that tournament and kept them on my credential. The Russians were the most interesting of all teams. Poor, isolated and treated like adolescent children by those who acted as if the USSR still existed. That was one locker room I enjoyed going into, just to annoy the team leaders, who were proceeding as if they were still employed by the KGB. Maybe they were.

One of the players and I became friends. A girlfriend of mine and I went to the airport to see them off when the tournament ended and when the army of agents saw us arrive, they basically surrounded him with spies at all corners to make sure he got back on the plane. My friend attempted to get him to stay by waving her car keys around. He did go back to Russia and we stayed in touch for a while. Things were much different then. The internet was fairly new to consumers and we did not have mobile phone service like we do now.

Interestingly enough, a high-profile executive with the Russian Hockey Federation was assassinated several months after the airport experience. A while thereafter, the Winter Olympics were on TV and there was a produced segment that aired regarding this executive. Yep, one of the pallbearers at his funeral was the Russian inline hockey team coach, who watched my friend’s every move at the rink and at the airport.

Small world.

The charmed life

Yes, I lived a charmed life then and ladies, can I tell you that my life was filled with eye candy for days. Hundreds of brawny men, day after day. But I made a pact with my eyes, like Job 31:1 “I have made a covenant with my eyes; How then could I gaze at a virgin?” And there were some challenges keeping this pact with my eyes. I was a credentialed reporter and I had access to locker rooms. I did not like going into them and a number of teams created an area for journalists so we did not have to get our quotes from inside the locker room. There were too many moving parts in the locker room, if you all know what I mean, lol.

I had a job to do and I did not get romantically involved with my subject matter; though don’t get me wrong. I did flirt with a few subjects, I did have my favorites … It was a lot of fun.


I registered 20 years ago this month and she was active online during the time I was still in California. Once the professional inline hockey industry self-destructed, I followed God’s orders and moved back to Arizona. Skatergirl was taken offline and has been missing in action since.

Fast forward to today … We all know that I went through a very traumatic event with the end of my marriage. I was left to start my life over again from scratch, alone. I went from a secure life to one of absolute insecurity. My new life and progression started with getting back on my Jesus path and has gotten to the place where I am creating ideas on how to succeed, while embracing doors that are opening for me.

When one is starting from scratch, and especially if one is working and walking with Jesus, it is great to start looking back from the time of devastation to the present to track and measure the progress one has made.

Besides peace, joy and forgiveness returning to my life, I have started a class that will allow me to begin offering the service of creating WordPress websites as a source of income. I now have three of my own WordPress sites, with a fourth being formulated. They are not perfect, but works in progress coming along, and in about five more weeks I can start seeking new clients. Soon I will start tweaking fonts and such here on this site as well.

Bringing Skatergirl back to life makes me very happy. Her page is just one simple page, no comments allowed. Her tag line is “Her whereabouts are still unknown.” What that means is that I do not know yet what I am going to do with her. So, for now, she sits pretty, generating interest. My third site will be built during the current class. This multi-page site will be the umbrella page for my many endeavors and will include e-commerce.

The Winning Team

My view from where I lived at the Torrance Beach, looking toward Manhattan Beach

Team Jesus is the winning team, and I have such a blast declaring this bit of information to non-believers. You can see the frustration on their faces, because they do not have the same leg to stand on as I do. All they can do is get in a bad mood and walk away.

Those of us who walk with Him know this. We know we are on the winning team. We openly without faking it suffer, we cry, we fear, we praise, we serve and then we go to Him with our hearts open and He touches us with His grace. I still live a charmed life, despite all the trials and pressures I continue to endure, because I live in the light of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As long as I live with His Holy Spirit and His light, His gifts remain free. You too could live the same everlasting charmed life. You must first ask for forgiveness, genuinely repent and then accept God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit into your life as the key to your salvation. That is the only path to everlasting love, peace, joy, prosperity and of course … charm.

Bless you and good luck to you all.




  1. Tabatha Solberg

    Janet, our universes have come together once again. So absolutely wonderful to see that you are indeed blooming. I WILL want you to publish and advise on a vision of mine. I too went thru a massive change! I am soooo freaking happy and enjoying life once again. Aint it great?!. Mine is of finally seeing the light of what was killing me spiritually, emotionally and yes, physically. I quit my job and moved across country. Day dreaming and freedom has enlightened my path to who and what i am.

    1. Post
      Janet DelTufo

      I am so proud of you, Tabatha. Such great news to hear. I tell a friend of mine all the time, once you fully understand and become the person God wants you to be, there is freedom and peace, finally.

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