In Transition

And that would be me right now ….

In transition

The picture for this post is of my dog Thunder, along with a curious and very fast tarantula.

This is the first time my dog has seen a tarantula and the first one I have seen in the wild since I was a young girl when we lived in the desert between Surprise and Wickenburg Arizona.

I am in transition. I have left Surprise. The Lord blessed me with a full price offer on my house and I took it. I am on my way to the Lake Tahoe region to live for what I hope are the rest of my days. Praise God in all His Glory for blessing me beyond blessing.

I was unable to get up to Tahoe to do any house hunting because the boarding facility where my dogs go was booked up the entire month of July. I go up in very early August and it is the hope I am driving back up that glorious hill for good by the end of August.

Back to the desert I go

So, I am back in the desert again for a few weeks or so, at a friend’s house north of Wickenburg.

I have not posted here on the main page since I wrote about Lot’s Wife and that was surely eight weeks ago or more. Since May 2, my whole world was the process of selling my house and relocating. I have, however, been writing Monday through Friday on my private Bible Study pages. The study, by the way has been going great. We are starting week 13 of 52 on Monday.

With that, I want to wish you all a God-filled day and week. I will be back soon to provide an update. The next three weeks I get to spend with a friend, help her out where needed and get ready for an incredible journey.

Have a blessed day. Love the Lord, because He loves you.