Unexpectedly inspired

It takes a lot to inspire me. Inspiration is a good thing. I was inspired today

Hello fellow Christians and passersby. I hope everyone is well.

A big week

It has been a tough week for me. Father God has given me a number of responsibilities and one of these responsibilities is being aware of what is going on in this world. I am not allowed to put my head in the sand and not take part in the processes that rule our lives. Understanding and knowing the political system of this United States is vital for me if I am to properly teach and lead.

So, the Supreme Court drama this week has had my attention and it has brought back every memory of sexual assault I have ever endured.

Earlier this year, I was involved in a 40-day prayer circle challenge. It was an intense time and there were a few different themes that ran throughout this circle.

One of the themes was straight up political. Much of the circle, however, had a political tone to it or it was underlying somewhere in the overall story of the circle.

The great divide

It would be nice if Christians were never divided, but Christians today are absolutely divided by political lines and loyalties. Some Christians support President Donald Trump because they believe that his choices are going to lead to a more civilized world. There are other Christians who do not support President Trump. They find him to be evil and they do not understand how he was elected in the first place. The divide is almost entirely down party lines.

My thought about this: Is this not exactly what the enemy wants? A divided Christian base? You all understand that this divide weakens the Christian base, don’t you?

I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am of no political party. I am registered No party, Non partisan. Some may see me as wishy washy, that I won’t take a stand behind a political party. Some may see me as brilliant, I don’t get bothered by a gazillion candidates and I can switch my registration for a minute if I need to vote for or against a particular candidate. I look for moderates, regardless of party. I look for right and wrong when it comes to legislative issues, not if it is red or blue.

The credentials that prove I know a thing or two about life, and, sexual assault

I spent 22 years as a print reporter/editor. Fourteen of those years I covered crime and courts. I have seen it all. I was called by the Arizona Department of Corrections to witness a state execution. I toured and sat on death row. I watched judges weekly in one of the nations largest and busiest county criminal courts. I walked the streets of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles just two days after the city caught on fire. And sexual assaults against me started in the seventh grade.

What inspired me today was the hope of young women, whose sexual assaults began even earlier than mine, who are starting to pay attention. You guys in suits who roam the halls of Congress, uninspired by the plight of young women, it is time for you to wake up because these young women are watching.

I had all but given up on what our government would look like when I became an elderly person. I didn’t know if the generation that would be in charge when I got there would care about what was going on in the world. But I learned something today: These young women might not know where Capitol Hill is, but they know exactly who has sexually assaulted them and they are not happy right now about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I did not learn this on TV. I learned this first hand with my own ears and eyes. I fell into it through an anointed young woman.

Angst brings wisdom

So, the angst of watching Judge Kavanaugh all but confirmed today (Oct. 5) as the next Supreme Court justice has inadvertently revealed a little more of my purpose in regards to how I am supposed to help women become better women.

My Women of the Bible Devotional study is one way. We are starting week 25 next week. But even greater of a purpose is to help lead these young women to the voting booths, where not even big money candidates can stop them.

Have a blessed weekend folks.

P.S. I took that picture in this blog post. I took it Sunday while in a South Lake Tahoe meadow.