The Women of the Bible Devotional


Hey Everyone …

I am starting a 52-week devotional book called, “The Women of the Bible.” The reading and study begins April 23.

I have also created a private discussion group for women who want to read along and get involved in the dialogue surrounding this type of study group.

As the book states, 52 women of the Bible and their stories are featured in this book.

I anticipate this to be an amazing year of learning through these women on how I am to continue doing Kingdom work for Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I personally think this book and study are going to be life changing. Last year, from Easter to Easter, was a year of recovery for me. This year, Easter to Easter, is going to be a year of discovery. I cannot think of better women to learn from than those who have come before me and who were important enough to find themselves in starring roles in the Bible.

If you want to join this private study group, you will need to contact me. Here is a link for you to purchase the book.

Blessings to all …