Lies of the enemy

Are told daily

The enemy is a liar. There are no other words to explain the evil force in this world that has its grip on so many people. It’s a liar. For those who are in its grip, it makes things look good, but in reality, those things are downright evil. Homes, friends, jobs and apps that tell you that you are wonderful.

It lies to you about every aspect of your life and if you are in its grip, you believe it all, ending up in a life full of angst, delusion, fear and weakness. For the Christ believer, it lies in a different way. It lies about how your life is in despair and how the Lord is not there for you. The enemy works to keep its grip on its own slaves and works to discourage others from Jesus.

It’s a liar, all the way around and I will fight to tell this truth.

I am a good fighter

Me, I am a fighter and I have been since I resided in my mother’s womb. The responsibility of a fighter is to have no fear. My job, it is to fight the enemy. Some people have a completely different job. The Lord has asked some to be lovers, to provide warmth and comfort to others. I know lovers. They are amazing. Me, I am here to tell it like it is and I will never say anything to you that I would not say to myself. I am not here to condemn you but I am not here to coddle you either, that is the job of the lovers. I am here to tell you the truth, get to the bottom line and to fight for you.

Some 20 years ago, I went to battle with the enemy over a person who I cared for deeply. I was not fully equipped for that battle and I lost. I became fearful. I pushed aside the Lord and had it in my mind that I would never battle the enemy again, because it was simply too big and bad for me to conquer.

Fast forward to October 2016, when through personal tragedy I found my way back on my Jesus path, with a renewed sense of courage and now I daily proclaim to the liar: BRING IT ON! That is my job in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. When the Lord told me on Good Friday of 2018 that the reason I was still planted on this earth was to do Kingdom work, I was not sure exactly what my job was to be. I know now without a shadow of a doubt: To fight the enemy, wherever that fight might take place.

And it is so STUPID

The enemy is not only a liar but it is stupid beyond belief. It forgets the words from Isaiah 54:17

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”

Hello enemy. Everything you try to use against me turns against YOU, so again I will say, BRING IT ON!

Yesterday (April 15, 2018) the enemy tried laying a big fat lie in my lap, expecting me to collapse, cry, scream, ask God why and basically stop fighting. Are you kidding me, enemy? You don’t know me by now? The threat of blindness did not get me to fall for your tricks. Why would this trick work? When one works for the Lord, He provides an amazing insurance package. No weapon, enemy!

So many tricks

Boy, these tricks do seem earth shattering. And if you let its tricks get to you, yes, they will be earth shattering. That is the point of the tricks. But when you do not let the lies of the enemy get to you, you see the value in the trick and how the trick can help others.

So, this is the truth: Go to the Lord. Love the Lord. Rid yourself of your evil friends and evil deeds. You don’t need them. Life with the Lord is so much better than life with the enemy, no matter what the enemy makes you think.

You might have to give up that job that allows you to make a fortune off the backs of others. You may have to give up that extra girlfriend or boyfriend. And for those who proclaim to be Christian, you might have to give up the practice of Christianity on your terms and you might have to start doing the work.

You are either with the Lord or you are not. Get it!?

Now make a choice: To win or to lose

Go out today and tell the enemy to eff off. Figure out where it has you in its grip and ask the Lord to help you break those chains. If you need some fighting tips and techniques, just ask me. I am not hard to find. Am I perfect? Not by a long shot, but I know what the Lord wants from me and I try daily to do my best to please Him.

I am here to fight for you, but if you push aside my blessings, guess what? They will come back to me double.

Matthew 10:13

If it turns out to be a worthy home, let your blessing stand; if it is not, take back the blessing

It’s your choice …

Blessings to you all …


P.S. The women’s Bible study of The Women of the Bible devotional book starts in one week from today. I am super excited. I know for sure there are a handful of us ready with book in hand. You still have a chance to start with us and discuss right here on a private page on this blog.

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