The root ….

The violent mind …

A former reporter is always a reporter.  I write about my life with Jesus here on this blog and I write publicity for clients, but a reporter is always a reporter and there are times when I cannot contain myself from reporting about the world at large.

I was a great reporter because I am a good writer, I dig for truth, I have good instincts, I am neither republican nor democrat so I have an open mind and I am not guided by a party line, and most of all I am not afraid of telling it like it is.

On March 24, I wrote an article that I put aside for the moment. It just was not the right time for me to post it. But today, after hearing the news of the van who ran over and killed and injured who knows how many in Toronto, Ontario Canada, I knew it was time to let loose with Janet the reporter and the truth.


It’s at the root, folks, not the weapon

By Janet DelTufo

Publicist, Blogger, Journalist and Editor at The Journey Victorious

I hate to be a bubble buster, but does anyone seriously think that any kind of gun law in this country is going to change the mind of a person who has snapped and cracked and is out to kill mass numbers of people?

I love activism, but most activism does not address the root of its respective issue. The thousands and thousands of young people who participated in the March 24, 2018 “March for Our Lives” rallies across the country and the world are to be admired, but do they pay attention to world news? Are they learning world history in school?

October 14, 2017 a truck bomb in Mogadishu Somalia killed more than 580 people with one blast. This is just one of hundreds of these kinds of incidents that have taken place across the globe over the past two decades.

If anyone cares to look, these types of bombings have become more and more sophisticated, as the number of casualties has risen from say 11 people to more than 580 at one given event.

Feel free to check it out yourself.

The weapon is simply the means to create chaos and destruction and no, this is not Somalia, but be careful of all poisons because the killing mind is getting more creative by the day and perhaps it will not be 17 students who die in one day from a gun but hundreds who die from a truck bomb.

Some of you will bristle at these words and condemn what is being said, but this is reality in a Godless society that cares more about Instagram and Twitter than it does the Bible or the suffering. People are filled with hate and angst and violence is a result of those deep-rooted feelings.

It is a pipe dream to think that there will never be guns in America or that people will stop buying “weapons of war.” Even if they stopped manufacturing and selling guns here, they will find their way into our hands. Does anyone know where they get their guns from in Afghanistan? They get them from China. Those who want to kill large numbers of people are going to find a way to do it. Ask those who were injured during the 2013 Boston Marathon. Not one gun was used in that event that killed three, and injured hundreds, including 16 who lost limbs.

And while everyone is clamoring for gun control, and I agree there are loopholes that should be closed, and other regulations put in place, I have yet to see since the civil rights movement a million person march demanding society to become a more equitable place, or have I seen people clamoring to understand what makes a person snap and crack to the point that mass murder occupies their minds.

When an arborist comes to your home to see what is wrong with your tree, he or she is going to tell you more times than not that the bottom line issue is at the root. Well, the same goes for gun violence, sexual violence, drunk driving violence, assault violence, murder violence and theft violence. It all comes from the same place …. the root of the brain. Something has taken root in the brains of those who commit violent acts.

Until we stop being lazy and blaming guns, violent acts are never going to stop. I can’t help but wonder how many kids in school bullied the Parkland, Florida school shooter while he attended that school. I am in no way saying anyone deserves to be shot, but even his own brother admitted to bullying him. Harassment tends to turn people inwards and dark thoughts have a way of getting into people’s heads when they no longer see value in themselves.

What about the guy who shoots up the workplace after being laid off? Again, I condone none of these things, but until we are willing to address the root, we will not see an end to any kind of violence, never mind mass killings.

The workplace is highly volatile, as companies set a negative tone all day long. Just as an example, a position I was interested in pursuing in 2016, posted for a wage of $20,000 less in 2018. It was the same exact title and job description.

And the new trend for companies is to offer only 1099 independent contractor work. Companies that participate in this practice no longer pay workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance or medical benefits and the contractor is responsible for stashing money aside to pay federal and state taxes while stock holders are reaping the benefits.

Do working people make more per hour or week working as a 1099 contractor? No. If anything, they make even less for doing the same work that a few years ago they performed as an employee with benefits.

What is happening in this world? The price of everything has increased including, food, utilities, clothing, home prices, rents and taxes, but wages continue to drop. How are people supposed to live and support themselves and their families without going insane as inequity gets worse by the day? How are we making this a better society when the fat cats keep getting fatter while every day working people are ready to pull the trigger on themselves because the rent is due and there is no money.

So, folks, before you start going off about gun control, can we please address the reasons we even need gun control. Violence of any kind is never going away until we learn how to create a kinder, gentler nation where people are treated fairly, not bullied and not deprived of living wages.

Let me know when that happens.