Holy Week and the Slaying of Giants

Hello Everyone …

We are now more than halfway through Holy Week and on Friday we will relive the horrific event that led to the human death of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But through that painful memory, we also get to relive the most important moment in human and spiritual history, the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I spoke earlier here at The Journey Victorious about the 40-day prayer circle challenge I was participating in with my cousin. During the final extended week of prayer circling, I have been doing a Jericho march around a picture of my full circle.

The seven-day march concludes Saturday of Easter. Every person in the circle has at least one wall that needs to come down and my Jericho prayer is that between Saturday evening and Sunday morning that walls start caving in and crashing down. I think the more one has participated in prayer during the time of my circling, the more a wall will crash. Holy week is very powerful. The most powerful week on the calendar.

The Jericho Wall March

Wishing to quit but resisted

My circle was not dismantled during these seven weeks and a few days since I started creating it, even though I have had my challenges. That said, it is one of my lessons in life to master not ripping things up in haste, but to remain steadfast in faith. The enemy has tried its hardest to work me over these past seven weeks, but I have continued with the same circle. I have continued praying for all and everything I placed in it, even though at times I did not want to pray at all.

I have also been able to label two of three lifelong personal giants I have slayed with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ during the past 17 months. One more giant to slay and I expect to see the walls of that giant starting to crack if not fall with the rest of the walls of those in my circle during Easter.

I wish you all a very happy Easter, but my greater wish is that you all truly understand the meaning of Easter.

Blessings to all …